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An industrial metal detector was installed to improve product safety after metal pins used in manufacture were found in children's toys.



Improving product safety and compliance program varies from company to company.


Our team starts by evaluating your policies and processes to determine how effective your systems are working.  Where are you vulnerable?  Are your processes being followed consistently?  How can we lower costs and improve results?  Are all employees properly trained?

We also investigate root causes of reported incidents to solve problems.  


In the example shown here, a U.S. retailer discovered a metal pin in a foam toy soccer ball.  Upon investigation with the factory in Ningbo, China, we discovered that they use metal pins to secure the white foam balls while they're being painted with the black soccer ball design. The process improvement was to install an industrial metal detector as the last process at the factory before shipping.  


Whatever the nature of the policy, issue or 

procedure to be improved, the one constant is the mission of continuous improvement. 

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